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Cost of Living Crisis Appeal

It’s time to restore hope to our communities

As we head into the winter months, more people are struggling to pay their bills, more people are going hungry, and many more people are being made homeless. 

The number of people sleeping rough in London in the last year has increased by 24%, and there has been a 300% increase in tenant evictions in London since the summer of 2021.

These numbers represent the lives of real people; people who are our neighbours, our colleagues and our friends.

The situation is desperate and getting worse, and we risk being unable to help everyone who comes to us in need.

But you can make a difference ›

We want to be able to help as many people as possible in our community who don’t have a home or don’t feel at home in themselves.

At our day centre, we will provide meals, clothes and showers, as well as advice, support and friendship as we work to help hundreds of people to regain control of their lives.

We are also opening a warm centre for people in our neighbourhood who can’t afford to heat their homes. Throughout the winter, they will be able to come and spend the weekdays in a warm environment where they will be offered a warm welcome, food and support.

You can help us to help others by giving to our Cost of Living Crisis Appeal.

Give today to make a real difference in our community ›

All gifts, big and small, will help to ensure that we can support the most isolated and vulnerable people in our neighbourhood through the coming months.

Give today and help restore hope

Donate today at www.justgiving.com/campaign/cost-of-living-appeal ›


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