Weekly Schedule

Drop In

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 2pm to 5pm

Friendly social rooms to sit, rest, talk and watch TV, Café serving cheap meals and drinks, free showers for homeless, book in to use the washing machine and dryer, staff available to give advice and support

Life Skills

Thursday 2pm to 5pm

Life Skills Program

Cooking Class

Learn to cook healthy, simple meals whilst improving your knowledge of food hygiene and budgeting

IT Class

Learn and practice basic computer skills. Both complete beginners and more experienced learners are welcome.



Women's Group

A female only space to socialise and take part in trips and activities such as arts & crafts, relaxation, cookery etc.

Green Palm Group

A social group for black and ethnic minority people. The group enjoys a hot meal and activities such as games, music and trips.


Tuesday and Thursday mornings 11am to 1:30pm

These need to be pre-booked with staff.
We can help you with: Benefits, housing advice, mental health advice and any other issues that you need help with



2pm to 5pm

Computer room and internet access


2pm to 5pm

Computer room and internet access

3pm to 5pm

Drama Class


2pm to 5pm

Computer room and internet access

3pm to 5pm

Quiz or board games

3pm to 5pm

Guitar lessons

Monthly Schedule