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Case Studies

Meet James

James has been attending BCP for around 10 years. He has a history of alcohol and drug use along with learning difficulties and a diagnosis of schizophrenia. He had been homeless on a number of occasions since the age of 16 and arrested several times for anti social behaviour.

James attends the project for support with housing and money. Due to his learning difficulties he struggles to understand letters or budgeting and as result has been at risk of loosing his accommodation and becoming homeless again.

We were able to help James get £3.5k of his rent arrears back dated by Housing Benefit and a repayment plan to clear the remaining debt so he is able to stay in his flat. We will continue to support James and look at ways to help support his housing and budgeting in the future.


“I felt so angry at the world and the situation I was in. I didn’t know where to turn to and everything seems so hard. I just remember thinking why me.”

"Barons Court Project continue to be there for me through good times and bad times, I would be lost without them."

Meet Lucas

Lucas first came to the project in 2012, he’d been diagnosed with depression and been street homeless on and off for about 5 years, after leaving care.

By coming to the service Lucas' immediate needs were met. He could have a shower, do his laundry and have something to eat. During this time we made a referral to a service who find flats for rough sleepers.

Lucas was accepted and now has a place to call home. Although it was unfurnished at first, we made an appeal and the local community rallied together and within a week his house was full of belongings, things to call his own.


“I felt like I had hit rock bottom and that there was no way out of the situation and that the simplest things became mountains that I couldn’t climb.”

“My future is looking much brighter, I have just secured funding for a social enterprise to support those who are vulnerable."

Meet Jeremy

Jeremy stated using Barons Court Project whilst living in a hostel. He often ran out of money and we supported him with budgeting skills, meals and foodbank vouchers. Over time we helped him into college and he undertook City and Guilds courses and now has completed Level 1 and 2 in electrics. We also assisted with funding a CICS card so he can take paid work.

More recently, Jeremy has moved into a Studio flat and now has a place to call his own. He continues to take work when he can. His ambition is to continue with his electrical course. So we partnered with Beam who crowdfund for ex-homeless people to undertake courses that will lead to employment. We are delighted that Jay reached his target of £4K in just over three weeks.

He is now set for his final year of study, settled in his home and happy. He occasionally pops in to see us but has moved on from needing regular support.


“I am so grateful for Barons Court Project helping me to achieve my ambitions. They have been like a family to me.”

Meet Sarah

Sarah was made homeless after being evicted for rent arrears as a result of loosing her job. She turned to alcohol to cope and had little motivation for finding housing or work.

As she was rough sleeping Sarah initially came to the Project for practical support such as shower, laundry, clothes, food etc. We have since been able to support her with finding accommodation and referring her to Beam to help her progress with career opportunities.

Sarah has secured accommodation and is a lot more settled, happier and determined. She no longer drinks and attends our abstinence group for support. She is also studying bookkeeping to help her secure employment in the future.


“For the first time in a long time I feel happy. I’ve got my own flat and am studying so I can become a qualified accountant which has also been my dream.”


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