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Everyone deserves a friend

We all need a friend who we can turn to when times get tough

Over the past year we’ve supported hundreds of people through the pandemic. Our team has been working harder than ever to connect with our guests, whether remotely or in person, to ensure they have food, clean clothes, advice and support, and know that they’re not alone.

But we couldn’t have provided all of this care without the faithful support of the Friends of Barons Court Project.

Become a Friend today

Our Friends make monthly donations towards our work to help make all that we do possible. Every gift, big or small, makes a real difference to what we’re able to achieve and the support we provide.

We need your help

But as covid restrictions are easing and the world is opening up again, we face new challenges. As the government’s Everyone In scheme has come to an end, and as landlords can evict tenants once again, thousands of people in London are at risk of returning to the streets. And as unemployment rises, many more face an uncertain future.

This means that more people than ever before will need our help to have their basic needs met and get the advice and support they need in the middle of a crisis.

We want to be able to help as many people as possible in our community who don’t have a home or don’t feel at home in themselves. We want to provide meals, clothes, showers as well as advice, support and friendship as we work to help people regain control of their lives.

So we need your help. Please become a Friend of Barons Court Project and set up a monthly donation today. By doing so, you’ll be providing consistent support to local people that they know they can rely on. With your help, lives can be turned around.

Become a Friend


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